2020 Event Focus

This year’s US P3 infrastructure Forum will discuss the macro and micro factors affecting today’s infrastructure market, while examining what trends are succeeding in a shrinking P3 market in the US and why.

US infrastructure, after a few years in abeyance, made progress on the social front as it got both the USD 1.165bn University of Iowa energy P3 across the finish line, as well as the USD 340m Miami-Dade Civil and Probate Courthouse P3. The St. Louis Lambert International Airport privatization, which had been expected to have a transformational effect on the industry, got canceled shortly before the end of 2019.

With the US market flip-flopping between these successes and failures, contractors have retreated from the traditional P3 space in general due to both scarcity in opportunities and losses from fixed price contacts. Still public officials, both in the US and Canada, continue to utilize DBFOMs, particularly in availability-based projects such as courthouses. Meantime, design-build (DB) and design-build-finance (DBF) have become more common place as it involves competitive bidding, encourages innovation but the costs are less, absent a long-term O&M contract.

The eland for a federal infrastructure bill continues as both Congress, presidential candidates and the incumbent president continue to propose solutions. In the meantime, more subsidized buckets of capital continue to be made available on certain projects, such as the recent launch of a USD 20bn rural digital opportunity fund by the FCC.

Our 16th annual forum will once again gather public officials, policy makers and transportation leaders, private developers and financiers, GP-managed infrastructure funds and institutional investors including labor union and public pension plans to discuss what the industry is doing right, what it can do better and what the future will hold.

First look at the 2020 agenda

Inframation has a strong reputation for creating engaging relevant programmes that delve deep into projects and policy matters. This year’s agenda promises to be no different. Through thought provoking panel sessions, keynote addresses and engaging case study presentations, find out:

  • • Which P3 projects have been or have a chance to be successful in 2020 and why? And with the primaries heating up in the 2020 presidential elections, what’s interesting about the infrastructure positions taken up by the leading candidates?
  • • Is Fixed-Price Contracting a Broken Model? What types of risks should owners retain? How can developers better account for mega projects’ construction and design risks?
  • • Challenges in P3 Projects for Roads, Tunnels & Bridges: How could the RAPID Act (Revitalizing American Priorities for Infrastructure Development Act) spur further development and are there any other promising pieces of legislation in the works?
  • • Next wave transport: What technologies are helping municipalities rethink mass-transit projects?
  • • Social Infrastructure: Why have P3 projects gained traction amongst universities and what are some of the key issues that come up in negotiating a P3 for universities?
  • • Water utilities go private: What obstacles do agencies and cities face in handing the keys over to private interests?

New for 2020

In addition to our traditional sessions there will be round tables for state and city officials grappling with how to engage the private sector in infrastructure delivery. The Infrastructure procurement roundtable will consider innovative approaches to funding major infrastructure. Dialogue between government officials, developers, advisors and investment partners will focus on how to navigate the delivery of major capital projects within the existing policy and budgetary framework.

Places are strictly limited and open to those meeting certain eligibility criteria.

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