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Panel Discussion: The Push for Broadband

Between the FCC and initiatives being introduced in Congress, one of the major focal points of this latest infrastructure push revolves around rural broadband. The reimagining of the workforce with COVID-19 forcing a work from home scenario has been a catalyst. However, even before, then highway systems were looking at alternative procurement to expand cashless toll systems and improve connectivity in certain places like tolling systems. Panellists will discuss today:

  • Is there still a market to be made for the DBFOM for rural broadband projects?
  • Will there be enough federal subsidies where private investment is not needed
  • Where do the major carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile fare in these situations

Mark Patton Smart Cities Vice President Columbus Partnership Bio
Sebastian Caputto Investment Director, John Laing North America Bio
Evan Feinman Chief Broadband Advisor Commonwealth of Virginia Bio
Brett Lindsey President & Chief Executive Officer Everstream Bio
Jeff Sural Executive Director, Broadband Infrastructure Office N.C. Department of Information Technology Bio
Rick Cosgrove Partner Chapman and Cutler LLP Bio