2019 Event Agenda


  • 08:00

    Delegate Registration & Networking Breakfast

  • 09:00

    Inframation News Welcome

  • 09:05

    Five Charts on Infrastructure Deals

    Referencing Inframation Deals data, our head of research reveals some of the key trends to watch in the market 

  • 09:15

    Opening  Keynote Address: TBC

  • 09:35

    Panel Discussion: Overview of the Latin America Region

    • What will be the impact of the elections and new governments across the region to the infrastructure projects? 
    • How do long-term investors factor in changes in government and policy into their strategies? 
    • What opportunities are there when there’s a change in government and how can companies position themselves to best take advantage? 
    • How developers and bankers calculate risk in sync with political cycles
    Edmundo Gamas
    Edmundo Gamas
    Executive Director, Mexican Institute of Infrastructure Development
    Juan Pedro Hernandez
    Juan Pedro Hernandez
    Director, Credit Suisse
  • 10:20

    Panel Discussion: Beyond Public PPAS

    • How do developers structure merchant-risk plants and mitigate against spot market risk and draw bank financing?  
    • What prospects are there for more government-led capacity auctions in the major markets?
    • What can the markets learn from Colombia’s experience with its PPA auction?
    Jorge  Oria
    Jorge Oria
    Partner, Ritch Muller
    Rubén  Borja
    Rubén Borja
    Colombia Country Manager, Trina Solar
    Daniel  Canales
    Daniel Canales
    General Manager, Atria Energia Chile
    Carlos Barrera
    Carlos Barrera
    Chief Executive Officer , Atlas Renewable Energy
  • 11:05

    Morning Refreshment and Networking Break Sponsored By Black & Veatch

  • 11:35

    Panel Discussion: Assessing the Future of Privatization in Brazil

    • Which companies are benefiting from the privatizations? Is this having an impact on the diversity of investors in the market? 
    • What is the pricing of the assets and the funding? What is the impact of BNDES leaving its role as main funder of infra and energy?  
    • Has the Bolsonaro government continued the policies of the last administration and what new ideas do they have?  
    • What macroeconomic risks are there that could stall progress in Brazil?  
  • 12:20

    Panel Discussion: Midstream Sector Opportunities

    • The TAG pipeline deal in Brazil was Inframation Deals’ largest ever recorded financial close. What does the competitive process reveal about how attractive oil and gas pipelines and pipeline networks are long term investors?  

    • Now that Mexico’s government has renegotiated pipeline contracts with private developers, what lessons can be learned about how public authorities should structure projects with regards to force majeure issues and tariff regimes?  

    • Brookfield’s entrance into the Los Ramones pipelines in Mexico demonstrates yet more confidence from long term investors, but who are the main market players seeking midstream investments?  

    • How can Peru ensure that its second iteration of the Gasoducto Sur Peruano pipeline achieves success where the first project failed?  

  • 13:05

    Networking Lunch

  • 14:05

    Case Study / Fireside Chat: TBC

  • 14:35

    Panel Discussion: Chinese Investment in the Latin American Market

    • We have seen extensive Chinese M&A activity in power and renewables assets, especially in Brazil, Chile and Peru. Where else are Chinese companies looking?
    • Chinese companies often fail to win the competitive bidding processes they engage in for public, greenfield projects. Why? How can they improve their chances?  
    • What does it mean for the LatAm market and politics that state-backed Chinese companies have acquired so many projects? Where will those companies get financing from?  
    Eduardo Centola
    Eduardo Centola
    Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Modal
    Allan Sun
    Allan Sun
    Vice President, Structured Finance at China Merchant Bank
    Rafael  Valdez Mingramm
    Rafael Valdez Mingramm
    Director for Latin America, Envision Energy
  • 15:20

    Afternoon Refreshment and Networking Break Sponsored By Black & Veatch

  • 15:50

    Panel Discussion: Roads - Where are the Most Attractive Opportunities for Infrastructure Investors

    • Where are investors finding the best value and the highest performing assets across the region?  
    • How can developers finance projects in jurisdictions that typically struggle to attract private finance?
    • What other factors make a highway asset attractive to investors?  
    • Do countries like Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador represent serious destinations for foreign capital given their poor credit ratings?
    • Are institutional investors comfortable taking traffic risk in the assets they acquire?
    Patrick Enriquez
    Patrick Enriquez
    Vice President, Brookfield Asset Management
    Eduardo Beffermann
    Eduardo Beffermann
    Chief Investment Officer, Banchille
    Carlo Bongianni
    Carlo Bongianni
    Head of the Origination Group, FDN
  • 16:35

    Panel Discussion: Developing the Telecom Sector

    • What new technologies are being adopted in Latin America and what infrastructure will be required to facilitate more connectivity?  
    • How are governments attempting to expand access to rural areas to avoid an internet apartheid between cosmopolitan city dwellers and those citizens who live in more isolated areas of the countryside?  
    • What is the best way for investors to value telecoms assets and how can they invest in the sector at different levels? How much capital is required for towers, fibre optics and data centres?  
    • What kind of partnerships have proven the most successful in Latin America and what returns have investors managed to realise through the disposal of their assets?
    Valtin Gallani
    Valtin Gallani
    Director of Technology, Media and Telecom, ING Capital
  • 17:20

    Close of Conference and Cocktail Reception Sponsored By Winston & Strawn